May 27, 2011

Visualize this, software bugs as coloured dots

Some developers, many many issues.
How does it look?

This comes straight out from our RnD department and shows how developers are connected to the various issues as they are submitted in our bug tracking system.

The issues and the developers are colour coded:

  • The Teal circles are the developers and they are connected to their assigned issues.
  • Green dots represent resolved and finally closed issues
  • Red dots are issues which are only resolved but not confirmed - quality checks still pending.
  • Purple dots - the fewer - are open issues.
Of course this is just a subset of our system to test a custom plugin under development for Gephi - (gephi is an opensource visualization platform following graph theory ).

The subset contains  issues that are mostly resolved or closed - that's why the purple dots are sparse :)

More to come as time allows - and this does not mean never :).

Developers and their issues...


  1. This is great.

    I downloaded, played a bit and would like to do more.

    Could You describe roughly, how do I get the data out of Bugzilla for example? Let's assume I have db access and can write any SQL statement. Which columns do I have to include and how to get it in Gephi?

  2. Thank you.

    You will need the issue status column and use it as a parameter to colorize nodes.
    For the developers' connections you will need to make a join and pull developer data for each issue.

    Extract to csv and import nodes and edges into gephi.

    If there is interest maybe i coul post a tutorial or something...cheers!

  3. Man, do you have a boatload of bugs! :{

    - Bob

  4. My bad for lack of clarity. They are issues not bugs - some of them they are bugs.

    Color clustering the graph by issue types would be more approrpiate to distinguish features from bugs.


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