May 10, 2011

Netbeans 6.5 JDK Not Found

If you are trying to install an old Netbeans version under Windows 7 64bit ,(Netbeans 6.5), you may encounter the following error message:
Java JDK Not Found
This is a known issue and filed as a bug under Netbeans' tracker but there is a solution.

The workaround is to manually extract the exe and execute the bundle.jar installer.
From the commnand prompt execute the following two commands:
netbeans-6.5.1-windows.exe –extract
java -jar bundle.jar
The first one extracts the installer from the exe while the other executes the installer.


  1. when i do "netbeans-6.5.1-windows.exe –extract"
    it's doesn't work.

  2. okay maybe you just missed the option with double dash should work, cause i do

    netbeans-6.5.1-windows.exe –-extract

  3. @Mbah Hello. What do you mean it doesn't work? What is the output? If the command is not found verify that that you are executing it from the correct location. Cd there first from the command line.

  4. netbeans-6.5.1-windows.exe –-extract
    works. Thanks


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