Aug 29, 2011

Oracle Certified MySQL Associate uCertify prepkit review

Back from vacation, feeling refreshed and ready for new things:)

Here is a review of a preparation kit i received from uCertify  for the Oracle Certified MySQL Associate exam. I found it worthwhile to share my my experience with the kit for developers interested in training to get a technical certification.

The kit is by uCertify a company which specializes in the certification training domain providing
many kits for various technical certificates.
uCertify has developed a prepkit engine which runs al the available certification preparation kits.
Exploring the kit i found three types of tests, two of them were approximates of the final test while 
the final one was a little bit more difficult than the actual certification test.

The User Interface is elegant, responsive and i liked the extensive reporting after having taken some tests.
Yes, i love stats. They cover all the aspects of database usage, from terminology to transactions.
It is also great that you can clear your doubts about a question  or actually learn from the tests since the feedback is immediate and articles, extensive explanations etc are included within the kit.

performance report
sample question
The tests can be taken in two distinct modes. Learning and exam mode. 
Learning mode is the feautre i liked the most providing feedback and insight immediately after each question  thus helping to not repeat the same mistakes again and really understand what went wrong and why.

Do they actually help?

I think they do.
The kit identified my SQL weaknesses correctly: transactions and import/export procedures. Could i improve using the prepkit? To test this i created a custom test - you can do that - with questions concerning the above fields. I ran it in learning mode following up the explanations after each question. Took a break for a day and retook the simulated tests and yes! my stats were improved.

Most important is that the improvisation does not feel technical. I actually gained knowledge from the tests
and helped get the feeling of the final exams.

smaple ER question
articles and concepts included in the kit

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