Mar 15, 2013

How to easily transfer your files to iPad with Python one liner

If you have files that cannot be easily shared from iTunes to your iPad device, and have access to Python,
simply open a command prompt or terminal in the directory you want to share and enter the command:

python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000

You can substitute 8000 with any other free port.
Run ipconfig , or ifconfig if you are in  Linux to find your local ip e.g.

From your iPad, open safari and go to
to access and download the files to your iPad.


  1. you have 8000 as the first port, but 8080 as the second.

  2. Also, python -m http.server for python 3.x.

  3. Cool trick. You mismatched the ports though.

  4. You switched from port 8000 to port 8080.

  5. The port in the URL needs to match the port in the python command.


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