Jul 7, 2011

Google plus interface a new trend for rounded corners?

Google with the launch of Google Plus has introduced  a series of user interface changes. Probably you will have noticed the big black bar on top of your Google account.

To me the new interface looks cleaner and...more edgy around the corners. Rounded buttons and insets have been replaced by smooth rectangles or semi-transparent drop out shadows.

Will these changes have a greater overral effect on how things might start to look in the future?
Will we forget about the all-rounded (heavy)corners and go for tiny 1px roundings or none at all?

What do you think?

For us Gmail users, there is a new theme available going along with the default Google Plus look, (i like how google tries to prevent alienation of its user base and introduces small changes at a step by step rate).

As Google puts it:
Gmail is getting a cleaner, more modern look over the newxt few months.
It looks like this:

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