Apr 19, 2011

Continuous Integration in 40 screens

These screens describe our continuous integration setup using Atlassian's software tools and Hudson

About one year ago, i was asked to research various products and setup a  continuous integration test environment. The plan was to migrate part of our development to the new setup.
These screens which are also available from my public Picassa album were taken during the evaluation process of the Atlassian platform and finally the setup was adopted by our development team with some additions ofcourse.

 Fisheye - Percentile source code distribution between real and test code - the test code's path is parameterized.

 Fisheye - Percentile distribution of each commiter to the codebase.

 Fisheye - Diff presentation and history of a file.

 Fisheye - Source code filtering.

 Fisheye - LOC ,( lines of code), chart.

 Fisheye Crucible - Review status of a source file.

 Fisheye Crucible - The review's author receives a pending review warning.

 Fisheye Crucible - Pending activities and reviews are displayed on the dashboard.

Fisheye Crucible - Review and comment on source code at line level.

 Fisheye Crucible - Each reviewer can read the author's comments and respond to complete the review process.

 Fisheye Crucible - A reviewer responds to author's code comment.

 Fisheye - DIFF history.

 Fisheye - Full source code view. Changes are color-coded including the name of each commiter.

 Fisheye - Recent activity for favorite projects and files.

Fisheye - Overall user's repository activity  and statistics.

JIRA - dashboard.

JIRA - activities' stream, netbeans integration.

JIRA - project's issues summary

Fisheye JIRA integration. Inspecting issue's details from Fisheye's interface. Source code changes correspond to Jira issues.

JIRA Fisheye integration. Source code changes for an issue are accessible from JIRA.

Netbeans IDE JIRA integration.

Netbeans IDE JIRA integration - submitting an issue from Netbeans IDE.

Netbeans IDE JIRA integration - commiting code including the project's JIRA key in the comments

Netbeans IDE JIRA integration - creating a new issue.

JIRA - project summary including Bamboo build activity.

Bamboo - projects' build status.

Bamboo - executing a maven build.

Bamboo - display of all the available build plans. The user can actively execute a plan.

Bamboo JIRA Fisheye integration

JIRA Bamboo integration -  JIRA issues include Bamboo's build information.

Bamboo - a build's plan summary

Bamboo JIRA integration. The issues tab displays information about the builds they are related to.

Bamboo JIRA  integration - details of a build including all the JIRA issues that are related to it.

Bamboo - project's bulid history.

Hudson - Status of the project's latest build. RSS feeds and email notifications also available.

Hudson - The workspace of a new hudson project.

Netbeans IDE Hudson integration - integrating a hudson server instance with Netbeans.

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